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Probate of unregistered 25 years old will duly witness...

Dear Sir, We have a property in Gurgaon, My father(aged 75 years) the eldest son have 5(five) brothers and 3 (three) sisters. My grandfather died in 1994,left a unregistered will (vasiyat) duly witness by two unknown persons but after the death of my grandfather none of the family members found the unregistered will it was missing. In 2012 my father found the unregistered will in a old file of my grand father,we all read it and found that my grandfather given all his movable and unmovable property to my father in the unregistered will.Since nobody know the witness my father dI'd not submit or act on it. But in 2013 all my 5,uncles and 3,aunties filed a property distribution case in the Civil Court. My father opposed the property distribution case,saying that he had a will in which his father given all the property to him but we did not submitted the will with the case in the court. Now in 2018 we found both the witness and they confirm that they are the witness in the will. But in 2018 all the 5 uncles and 3 aunties submitted a affidavit in the Civil Court that my father is telling a lie and there is no will. Now our advocate advise us to file a case for Probate for unregistered 25 years old will with the affidavit of witness. 1) We have an unregistered will which is 25 years old. 2) We are very late as my grand father died 25 years back,but we had already informed to the court 5 years earlier about this will. 3)Witness are available. Pl.advise us what action we should take.

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  •   Property
  •   17 Mar, 19
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