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Dear Sir/Ma'am I have received rti reply regarding income tax evasion petition through court. In reply my estranged wife has said that she has not spent money during year of wedding. In her cross examination she says that expenses towards dowry was made by her parents by selling their property. I had asked income tax department to enquire about their parents. In the file brought by income tax department to court copy of notice given to my wife was not there and also they have not provided any explanation of alleged expenses by her parents. In the vat reply we have got reply that bills/ estimates submitted by her are forged. All these are on court record now. I had filed complaint under relevant section of ipc including forgery to police but they did not take action on it and did not lodge fir and closed the complaint saying that I am not cooperating with them and not joining investigation. My lawyer earlier advised to file 156 (3) and 200 crpc. I went to oath commissioner twice to notarize my complaint but thereafter my lawyer advised me to not to use above section of crpc as if declined by court then it may backfire in 498a case pending against me. My lawyers now are advising me to use 340 crpc route after completion of prosecution evidence in 498a case. Please advise if I am going on the right track legally to punish my wife and if anything else could be done to bring her to justice. Thanks and Regards

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  •   Criminal
  •   26 Mar, 19
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