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Accountability After resignation and relieving from Ba...

Dear Sir/Madam, I am an ex- employee of a PSU bank. During my tenure with bank, I had processed a ASBA form wrongly filled in by the customer. Due to dearth of any documentation, I had processed the request to the best of my knowledge without any malicious intent. I had even cross verified the same by checking if a lien was placed on the requesting account as per process and a success report generated by the backend was sent to the customer. The same was also verified by the checker in my branch. However, there was a failure in allocation of shares to the client and customer has put a case with SEBI and SEBI has asked bank to compensate the customer. Bank in turn plans to pass the buck on maker ie me and checker if the internal committee deems so. It is also to be noted that failure in allocation was never reported to the me by the backend so that necessary actions if any could be taken aprior. Kindly guide if I am legally accountable for the act and can bank take action against me and force me to pay.

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  •   Labour & Service
  •   24 Mar, 19
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