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Personal loan dispute

Hello i am looking for suggestion. I have running SAPL with ICIC bank. Due to my father's health issues I was not able to pay EMIs for 1 yr. Because do to contineu hospitalization I lost my job from the city (Chandigarh) and needed to move to other city Vadodara. here also my job was not stable . But any how i survived. I had to take my paranets with me here becase i am the only kid of my parants. Now I came to know from my x-neighbours at chandigarh that I got a warrant from court sec71. I have not received that because I am not living at chandigarh now. I recently ( March 19) got a good job and wanted to manage my finance . i am ready to pay to ICIC loan in EMis but I cannot pay the huge amout in one go. I talked to ICICI and they are not listining to me. I am stuck. i don't Know what to do. I cannot do suside Because I have responsibilities. i want some how that Warrant get revoked and I will pay the loan to ICICI in EMIs. Please help me.

  •  navdeep Sharma
  •   Civil
  •   22 Apr, 19
  •   0 Answers

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