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What should the wife do?

Husband filed divorce case in his native place .After that husband looking for girls for second marriage. Wife appears in that particular divorce. After that wife filed RCR in her native place. Then the wife applies to the transfer application in the High Court. That divorce case has been transferred to her native place. Right now, the divorce case filed by her husband, then the RCR case filed by his wife, is in the same court. He was always chatting with girls on face book page .He is flirting with girls. He deceives his wife. Because their purpose is to marry another girl. How to collect and produce evidence about husband's Face book chat history. Husband looking for girls for second marriage. This is evidence against her husband. What should the wife do?

  •  Anonymous
  •   Family
  •   26 Mar, 19
  •   0 Answers

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