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NO sex since marriage seeking divorce with alimony asa...

I am a lady 32 year old married since 1.5years, i tried a lot but my marriege coudnt get consumed yet, my husband medical reports is normal but he doesn't want sex with reason there is no love, ours is an arranged marriage, after done marriage in india we came to london and living here, marriage certified in india only, i want to get divorce with alimony but he is not ready, we are still living together in london under one roof without sex, plz advice wat to do, i dont want to waste my life here, my question is- can it be ground of divorce when reports are normal but sex nver done by husband, he argued me daily which I recorded in which he is saying he will not do sex till there is no love, if u seeking sex then go to kotha or be sex worker. Can it be proof of cruelty? Plz advice soon and real! - prach Arora (on spose visa, husband have green card uk)?

  •  prachi Arora
  •   Divorce
  •   16 Mar, 19
  •   1 Answers

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kindly you call me .

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