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URGENT validity of masters degree in distance mode dur...

I have done Bachelors and masters in Biomedical sciences (2012) from university of delhi. Then enrolled in PhD (joined august 2012 but registered in 2014) in biomedical sciences. During PhD, I did M S c in zoology (2015-16) in distance mode from UGC recognized university. I have qualified NET-JRF Life sciences (which is common for both subjects) in 2012. I did second M Sc degree because there are more teaching opportunities in zoology and The department of zoology, University of Delhi only allows candidates who have masters in zoology to add their name in ad-hoc panel list. The colleges select candidates for Asst Prof (Ad-hoc) from this list after interview. Based on this, I got selected for ad-hoc panel list last year (2017) and taught Zoology in college but department is not allowing my name in ad-hoc panel list this year. It has been told that my degree is not valid because I did it during PhD. The PhD ordinance says that student should not be enrolled in full time course while registering for PhD. I have done MSC in distance mode after taking no objection from my supervisor. Moreover, there were several reports in newspaper in 2013 about allowance of two degree at a time by UGC. My plea is that I should be allowed both degrees because I have not violated the requirements of either of them.Moreover, even taking up job is allowed during PhD which requires full time involvement. I want to seek legal guidance on my matter urgently because I will be denied job due to this.

  •  Divya Sharma
  •   Labour & Service
  •   24 Mar, 19
  •   0 Answers

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