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My father sold a plot 10 years back.There is a 2ft drain after this plot which is our property as mentioned in the property papers. Though the said drain is mentioned as our property but it serve the whole neighbourhood to carry rain water. A small lanes dead end is after the said 2ft drain.The gentleman who bought our plot built a large gate (permanent construction) on his boundary and connected the lanes dead end.He is using that road without our consent. Though a 6ft road on tthe other side was given to him at the time of selling.My question is that can he access over our drain without our permission? The other thing is that the said small lane connect a national highway in a walk distance of 2mnt.The new road is now hampering our security as the national highway is connected to Bangladesh border gate.There is a regular theft and burglary incidents on the highway side.Should this be considered as a safety violation?

  •  Anonymous
  •   Civil
  •   12 Feb, 19
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