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Mental harassment

My wife has joined a medical college for post graduation degree. Since she has joined the college she is a very hard working person.After working continuously for 7 months.On a particular sunday which was her week off she went to near by town to purchase daily essential goods for herself she there meet with an accident she visited local government hospital there she was advised for 15 days bed rest she immediately intimated her college in written as well in oral form. On joining after 15 days she was humiliated by her HOD verbally who then restricted her to join again even after showing proper medical certificated. i accompanied her when i intervened and ask HOD how can you refused her joining they threatened me along with my wife.they made her write a false apology letter of which she was not guilty. things went fine for 5 months after a period of 5 months she was called upon by HOD in her room. Next day morning she received a SHOWCAUSE notice that she was absent and not performing her duties. She replied to the said showcause stating her that i was only present in your room. She was no been listened to. Again next day she got other Warning letter that you are a habitual offender and you dont perform your duties well. Her HOD write a third letter stating that your medical is false.after that College formed a DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE against her. She stated all facts to the said committee they stopped her salary increments and termed her irresponsible without explanation

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  •   21 Feb, 19
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