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3. Which department in this government proves me that ...

Respected Sir/Madam, I have trusted a Sales Manager who recently became friend and booked a Flat in Apartment where he is marketing one of their projects. I paid blindly 15% of Flat by trusting as he said is legally good and 60 flats sold. After suggestion from few of my friends, who asked me to take legal opinion, I took legal docs from the sales manager and gave it to a known Lawyer to verify them if everything is fine. The lawyer’s opinion on property shocked me that this is not a good property and illegal based on following points attached to legal documents. 1. This property was a granted land by government for SC/ST which cannot be bought even after 1000 generations because as per Indian Law they can take this property back at any time without any compensation to the purchaser / multiple purchasers 2. Court Order Copy provided by Legal officer on behalf of Builder/owner of property with Judgement in year 1996 is not a permanent solution and may have legal issues in future. Lawyer stated that it clearly shows that SC/ST People who sold their land in year 1968 and after the Amendment act came into LAW in 1978, the same SC/ST people have approached court immediately in year 1979 saying that they are the real owners of the property which court has passed the judgement that this act is not applicable due to SC/ST people sold it before the 1978 Amendment act came into LAW. The present purchased owners and SC/ST people have to bear their own costs and 1978 ACT is notapplicable

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  •   21 Feb, 19
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