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Buyer not transferring his ownership name on Bike RC.

Sir buyer done with me fraudgiri ! He is not come to changing ownership name on his name . I have sell letter , buyer purchase affidavit & buyer adhar card . During selling my bike I asked to buyer his age he told me that his age is 19.After some days I verify his adhar card & I found that fraudgiri is done with me. I found that he has given me editing adhar card which he already done before purchasing my bike . On adhar card his name & address is correct but his age is on adhar is not 19. His age is only 17 years. Sir i do not know it is legally to sell 17 years boy . While purchasing bike buyer told me that his age is 19. On buyer purchasing affidavit he put his age 19.But during verification of adhar card I found that his age is 17. Sir he is not coming & not recieving my phone . Sir I am going to depression. Sir What should I have to do.

  •  Anonymous
  •   Motor Accident
  •   20 Mar, 19
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