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Tenant is not vacating the premises

The premises under dispute is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. My grandfather is the landlord. We had filed a case of eviction against the tenants on the grounds that they were not willing to pay increased rent, which was dismissed as my grandfather was unable to attend the court hearings for a significant period of time. The tenants claim that they have been submitting rent to “rent controller” during that period of time. But when we asked for the rent receipts, they replied they cannot show us the rent receipts, as per their lawyer’s advice. Can they do that legally? Also, given that the lawyer appointed by our grandfather (my grandfather gave power of attorney to the lawyer) is also not cooperating to help us get the rent amount from “rent controller”, how do we get the rent. Also, if we find out that, the tenants have not been depositing the rent money in “rent controller”, what steps can be taken? Our main objective is to evict the tenants, as we want to use the premises for other purpose. The problem is, that my grandfather has misplaced the rent agreement, grandfather’s lawyer is neither helping us nor sharing the documents of the case with us, and the tenants have been paying a very low rent for a very long time. Pls advice on how to proceed.

  •  kasturava das
  •   Landlord & Tenant
  •   17 Apr, 19
  •   0 Answers

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