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Divorces usually get ugly. And there almost always a parental battle over custody of the child. Please be aware that in most cases the court will award the custody of the child which includes physical custody, education, and maintenance of the child, to the parent demonstrating financial security, parenting skills and least disruption for the child. In most cases, the non-custodial parent will have visitation rights. Also, both the parents will share the legal child custody, means decisions for medical treatments, religious practices, and insurance claims, until the child has reached the age of 18. LawzGrid helps you hire child custody lawyer in India to file a petition in the court on your behalf for child custody. We, as an online legal platform connect you with India's top child custody lawyer in Delhi, property lawyer, rti lawyer, corporate lawyer, High Court lawyers, corporate lawyer in Mumbai, Supreme Court lawyers, trademark lawyers in Delhi, Consumer court lawyer, cheque bounce lawyer divorce lawyer etc. Here you can also Search the experienced and skilled divorce and child custody lawyers for child custody, consumer disputes, matrimonial disputes, divorce matters, employment matters, criminal law matters, property matters, cheque bounce matters, taxation matters, startup or SME matters or top lawyer in any other field of law.