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While it is possible to form a corporation without the help of a corporate lawyer, it is important to keep in mind that the steps involved can be complex and the legal ramifications of losing corporate status can be costly. Drafting corporate bylaws is one of the most important and complex tasks required in order to form a corporation. Corporate bylaws lay out the "game plan" on how the corporation is to be run and operated and document how the corporation will comply with the requirements that need to be met. Ensuring compliance with corporate requirements through the corporation’s bylaws is extremely important, as failure to do so could mean a loss of corporate status. Once the corporate status is lost, the liability protection of a corporation disappears, and the officers' personal assets can be taken in a judgment against the corporation. Our best corporate lawyer can advise the corporation’s officers and directors on the state-specific requirements that must be met. Corporate lawyers in India can also suggest the best way to draft these duties and ensure compliance. Our efficient team of corporate lawyers is just a click away to help you with all your issues related to Finance law, Company law, Setting up of a startup, Insurance Law, and Banking law. LawzGrid helps you hire best corporate lawyers for matters falling under Companies Act, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers, Due Diligence, Shareholders’ Agreement or any other company related legal requirements We, as an online legal platform connect you with India's top corporate lawyers in Delhi, property lawyer, rti lawyer, corporate lawyer, High Court lawyers, corporate lawyer in Mumbai, Supreme Court lawyers, trademark lawyers in Delhi, Consumer court lawyer, cheque bounce lawyer divorce lawyer, family lawyer etc. Here you can also Search the experienced and skilled Consumer court lawyers in India for consumer disputes, matrimonial disputes, divorce matters, employment matters, criminal law matters, property matters, cheque bounce matters, taxation matters, startup or SME matters or top lawyer in any other field of law.