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Know all about SIM swapping Fraud

Know all about SIM swapping Fraud

With the technological development, various sectors have expanded and grown. The Internet has now condensed the world within the limits of small mobile phone screens and computer screens.  Almost all the sectors are now dependent on the internet for proper functioning, and unfortunately, this has even led to an increase in the rate of cybercrime.

Criminals have evolved various modern techniques to deceive the people online, and sim swapping fraud is considered the most common practice to deceive innocent people. This new fraudulent technique is used by the criminals to trick the people for the access of their bank accounts by the means of Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing.

Sim Swapping or SIM exchange is known as the replacement of an existing SIM card with the new one. Once SIM swapping is done, the SIM card of the owner stops working and the mobile number is registered in the name of the criminal.

The objective behind this is to gain access to the bank details of the innocent person as all the banking transaction are based upon the OTP (One time Password) generated by the bank on the registered mobile number, and these OTP can be accessed by the swapping of the SIM card. In India, various cases of sim swapping have been brought before the cyber cell as this practice has caused loss of lakhs to the innocent people. 

The approach adopted by such criminal is mostly targeting the innocent old aged senior citizens.

How SIM Swapping Fraud Works

  • Gathering of bank details: This fraud starts with the gathering of bank account details by means of Phishing or any other unlawful methods. In this method, the fraud person tries to get the personal information probably by developing a fake webpage of the bank. These fake web pages can be provided by the fraudsters by the means of the E-Mail, SMS etc.
  • False representation as a customer care executive: After having gathered the bank details, the next step is making of false phone call by the unknown person, representing themselves as customer care executive of a SIM card company, and such person usually gives some instruction about the upgrading of the SIM  card for better network or to resolve some other technical issue by this they try to get the 19 or 20 digits unique SIM card number which every sim card has.
  • Authentication of new SIM: After getting the unique SIM card number, the fraudster replaces the SIM of the real owner with a new one. To successfully replace the SIM with the new one the fraudster guides the innocent victim to follow some steps. By following these steps, the new SIM card possessed by the fraudster will be authenticated.
  • Generation of OTP: After the Authentication of the SIM card, the Fraudster gets the access to all the messages, as well as OTP, received on that particular number.

How to protect yourself from swapping fraud

  • If your SIM card is not in service for a long time, then it is advised by Best Cyber Lawyers in India to inquire with your mobile operator regarding the faulty service. This step will ensure that whether SIM swapping has been done or not.
  • Registration of the email Id with the bank is necessary because it makes the monitoring of the bank details and transactions easier and a person can monitor the suspicious activities of your bank account.
  • It is advised by the top cybercrime lawyers that one must not open any unknown links received in E-Mails or any other mode. These suspicious links may download viruses on to your PC and mobiles just by visiting them. These links often serve as another means of obtaining your banking details

After being victimized of the SIM Swapping, an aggrieved person can lodge an FIR in the nearest Police Station.


Akshit Mehta

Akshit Mehta

Akshit Mehta, persuing B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) from C.R. Law College, Hisar, Presently working as Content Writer Intern with LawzGrid a part of KarmaSquare. I have a keen interest in legal writing, and I love to educate the people about their Rights.

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