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Laws Governing Violation of Fire Safety Rules by Builders

Laws Governing Violation of Fire Safety Rules by Builders

The economy of India is developing and with the rapid growth, various industries and businesses have been established across the country and especially in the metropolitan cities, which has led to urbanization at a high rate.

Urbanization has brought with it the problem of overpopulation and homelessness. This problem visibly exists more in major metro cities and is mostly faced by the new migrants.

To resolve the housing problem of people mostly in metro cities the real estate companies try to come to the aid of the people by developing housing and business projects. Real estate business is regarded as one of the most profitable and developing business in India nowadays. Various builders are investing in high-rise buildings to provide apartments at different prices. A cut-throat competition exists between the builders and to attract more home-buyers builders try to make fancy apartments with all facilities easily available.

Builders and real estate companies have been found in various cases to have compromised with the safety standards in order to adjust with the costs this has also lead to a compromise with the health and the safety of the residents of that particular apartment.

Parliament of India has enacted various rules and laws to ensure that safety standards are maintained. These rules and regulations also set the guidelines related to the constructions and maintenance of the buildings, named as National Building Code, 2005.

As there are various instances has been observed, in which various high-rise buildings caught fire due to lack of implementation of the safety standards. And various builders neglect these safety standards to increase their profits, which endangers the life of the Human.

Common violations of fire safety rules.

  • Rules related to construction: As per the law it is provides that, all the buildings should be constructed in such a manner as to provide sufficient means available to escape in the cases of fire and further the material used for the construction should be appropriate as to escape the danger of fire, but generally the builders violate these rules to create more apartments in the building or to reduce the cost as related to construction and to gain more profit. If the appropriate material is not used while constructing then in such case even a small short circuit or other occurrence can lead to a fire, which endangers the life of the persons who are residing in that particular building.
  • Rules regarding the Fire Exits: Fire exits are considered as the emergency exit ways to escape in the case of fire, and as per this code, elevators are not included in the fire exits. Further, the law states that a number of fire exits must be considered as related to the size of the building and further it states that, no alteration should be made in the number of the fire exits and also the width and the protection should not be reduced. Sometimes builder violates these rules, to utilize more space for the apartment and compromises with the safety of the residents of the buildings.
  • Rules regarding fire safety drills: Fire safety drills are considered as the most appropriate method to educate the persons with the do and don’ts in the cases of fire. Rules regarding mandatory safety drills are made under this code, which provided that Safety drills should be conducted once in every three months during the first two years of the construction, and after that drills should be conducted once in six months.
  • Installation of fire alarms systems: Fire alarms system is necessary for a building to warn the occupants in the case of fire. This Code provides that, there must be fire alarms in the building as to warn the occupants, where fire itself can’t be detected. This rule is beneficial for the large sized buildings in which the detection of fire is not easy. Violations of this rule are also observed in the various high rise and large size buildings.
  • Installation of fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are necessary equipment to control the fire. As per Code, it is provided that, all buildings should be protected with fire extinguishers, wet risers, water sprays etc, based upon the need of the building, by considering the occupants, use, and height etc.

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