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28-year Old Man Breathed his Last While Working Out at a Gym

28-year Old Man Breathed his Last While Working Out at a Gym

A 28-year old man named Pratik Pardeshi died while working out at a gym in Thane. It is alleged that the deceased suffered a fatal heart attack after intense weight lifting. Prakit’s friends in the gym have said that after weightlifting Pratik felt uneasy and was resting but he soon felt breathless and was rushed to a hospital nearby where he was declared dead on arrival.

Dr. Vijay Suresh an interventional cardiologist has said that various cases have been witnessed wherein overexertion and pressure on the heart has led to fatal consequences. He further said that heavy workouts could lead to clots and cause a heart attack.

Durga Jena the co-owner of the Machineless Workout and the gym trainers and instructors have said that warmups before workouts are necessary in order to ensure that the body is ready to take the strain of the workout. If an individual even if he regularly visits a gym starts a workout without a warmup may suffer from muscle injuries, sprains, and in very serious cases even heart attack.

Towards this incident, the police have said that the family of the deceased has yet not filed any complaint against anyone, therefore, it has been recorded as an accidental death. However, the body has been sent for autopsy to confirm the cause of the death. Senior Inspector C.Jadhav has said that Pratik must have suffered a heart attack though he was an old member at the gym and was very muscular, he did not use to workout regularly.