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Laminating An Identity Card Compromises Its Legality

Laminating An Identity Card Compromises Its Legality

The validity of a laminated Identity card was in question before the Hon’ble High Court of Kochi. The bench comprising of Justice V. Chitambaresh and Justice R.Narayan Pisharadi in an appeal challenging the order of banning the use of laminated identity cards held for the process of voting at Police Cooperative Society Ltd. held that laminating an identity card destroys its legality and authenticity. The Court also held that laminating an identity card makes it difficult to verify the originality of the card and as a result compromises its legality.  

The Hon’ble Court in an elaborated fashion explained how the legality of the identity card is destroyed after lamination. The Hon’ble Court said that once an identity card is laminated it becomes difficult to see the thickness, the seal, embossment, and other identifications marks used to check the authenticity of the card. Also, a laminate makes it difficult to compare the signature from the register and said that laminating a card alters its physical makeup as the lamination gets permanently adhered to the card thereby destroying its legality. 

The Hon’ble Court also pointed out that various banks and other financial institution do not accept laminated deeds to sanction mortgage loan. Finally, the Hon’ble Court concluded by saying that an identity card cannot be laminated unless any rule or law is made which permits it.