Goods And Service Tax Registration

After the implementation of GST post July 1, 2017, the laws relating to taxation have changed drastically. New regimes for tax planning and management are being implemented by businessmen all around the country. Due to implementation of GST, you need to do the following:

  • Value your stock and input tax credit as per old VAT/Excise Laws in order to
  • Transfer them into GST regime through FORM TRAN-1 by 29th August 2017;
  • To obtain final registration certificate from the GST Authorities;
  • To review the various agreements with suppliers; buyers or any other party in order to amend them according to the GST Laws;
  • Understanding of sales policy including schemes, discounts, return of goods for GST impact and restructuring thereof for changing the sales promotion and marketing strategies;
  • Redraft your purchase orders (POs) in order to define the terms and conditions to meet GST requirements;
  • Prepare the format of records to be maintained under GST Laws;
  • Prepare the format of invoices to be issued to the buyers / recipient of services;
  • Analyze the HSN / Accounting code for all goods/services;
  • Classification of the transactions into specified w.r.t. Goods & Service & Place of provisions.
  • Obtain and maintain the records of suppliers and buyers so that it can be filled on the GST portal;
  • To make the necessary changes in the Accounting software so that heads of accounts can be align with GST Laws;

Benefits of Registration

  • Legally recognized as supplier of goods or services
  • Become more competitive
  • Take input credit
  • Make inter-state sales without many restrictions
  • Register on e-commerce sites or open own e-commerce website
  • Be compliant and have a good rating

The list of documents required for registration of GST for various business are as follows:


  • PAN Card and address proof of proprietor


  • PAN Card of LLP
  • LLP’s Agreement
  • Partners’ names and address proof

Private limited company

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN of Company
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Resolution signed by board members Identity and address proof of directors

Benefits of the package

  • You pay a Fixed Price for Litigation
  • No hidden costs.
  • No stress of litigation
  • Experienced and dedicated professionals assigned to your case
  • Regular case Updates


 Just send in all your documents and we'll start processing your application. We will also begin advising you on the best way to transition your business to the GST era.


Contains details of the outward supplies; has to be filed by 10th of every month.


Contains details of inward supplies; due by the 15th of each month; 


This is the monthly return and is due by the 20th of every month. In addition to the monthly and quarterly returns, there is an annual return that needs to be filed by December 31. A requisite GST reconciliation statement has to be duly filed by the appointed chartered accountant.


 We will collect all the necessary information and documents to prepare your returns. Once done the first time, our affiliate will then ensure that you are always reminded of the filing date so you don't end up paying penalties.


We will give you the opportunity to review the filing. One you approve it, we will file the returns online. Upon successful completion of the process, we will mail the acknowledgment form to your registered email address.

• Pay Online
• Our Customer Support executive will call you for details of your query and forward it to the advocate
• You will be connected with the lawyer for a 15-minute consultation.
• A first draft will be sent to you for review and changes
• You will be connected with the lawyer for again for a time span of 15 minutes to discuss the required changes.
• No further consultation with the advocate forms a part of this package.

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